the only virtual operator of the aermacchi m-346


What makes us stand out in the Virtual Aerobatic Communnity?


As individuals, we pride ourselves in our ability to represent the team in a public environment. Our passion for aviation and ability to showcase that in a professional matter is paramount to our success as a team.


Our pilots and ground crew have come from a multitude of backgrounds, giving us the flying and engineering experience to showcase our aircraft in public displays throughout the year. Our active pilots have years of flight experience, both real and virtual behind them.


The name ‘Limitless’ Aerobatics underlines the fact that all of our pilots and crew originate all over the world, ranging so far from different areas in Europe, the USA and Africa. This is not an obstacle for us, but a challenge in which we pride ourselves in facing throughout the season.


As we have progressed through our first year as a team, we have understood that unrivaled dedication, both on the ground and in the air is the only way to succeed. Thus, dedication is highlighted throughout the entirety of recruit training for any position.

LAT 2017

Our second year on the show line-up, see our show schedule below.

Welcome to Limitless Aerobatics, this is our second year on the virtual airshow scene and we're proud and excited to show off our brand new aircraft in stunning aerobatic formations. This section of the website is subject to change at any point, and any updates (including additions or cancellations) will be published immediately. We aim to take part in a number of airshows and flyovers as of when they become available to all of our flight crew. All of the airshows that we attend will be performed live to a shared audience of our fans, and the hundreds of other virtual airshow enthusiasts across the globe! *Confirmed airshows are listed on the right hand side*


    Virtual Beach Blast 2017, June 22 (USA)


    VUAF 2017, November 11/12 (UK)

Staff Team

Meet the staff who run the aerobatic team throughout the year, dealing with public relations, training and event arrangements.
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Co-founder / Flight Lead
Jamie founded Limitless aerobatics with Sebastian Kramer in August 2015. He is the flight lead and manages all flight planning (training and events) alongside public relations throughout the year.
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Lead Engineer
Rolf joined the team just after it’s outset in August, 2015. Since then, he has been the driving force behind the creation of the Aermacchi M-346 module for DCS. Rolf also manages the entirety of the ground crew.

General Enquiries

For more specific contact details and information on how to request displays or flyovers, visit the 'Contact' page.
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