About Us

May 22, 2016

Welcome to Limitless Aerobatics! We are a virtual aerobatic team that utilize Digital Combat Simulator to perform stunning aerobatics in challenging formations, varying from one foot apart, in our pass and review spacing, to a standard six feet separation for the majority of other formations in which we perform loops, rolls and breaks, alongside other exciting maneuvers. We were formed in early August 2015, and have spent most of the last year developing the Aermacchi M-346 Master module for DCS:World.

We are currently training our pilots  for the live shows this season, including the Virtual Beach Blast, and Virtual United Air Festival 2016 with more hopefully to come. Our flight crew is comprised of multiple individuals with countless hours of virtual aerobatic experience. We have a variety of display routines in which we practice regularly. Our goal is to successively fly live shows in a 7-ship routine. However, we are still recruiting competent, experienced pilots to fill the two remaining inner-wing positions required. See the 'Apply' button on the home page for more information.

We're currently recruiting for ground crew to join our engineering team and support crew, for more information on applying please email us via the 'Contact' page, or by filling in a contact form on the home page. We are searching for the following crew members:

Engineers (3D Modelers for the M-346 and other projects) Technicians (Experienced DCS coders with Flight Model experiencenceCameraman (Must have high spec PCNarrator (Must speak fluent English)             




The M-346 project started in early 2015, when Rolf 'Envy' Klomp, our Lead Engineer showed some interest on a forum post, and later decided to join as a full time member. Rolf now manages all ground operations within the team, meanwhile exercising his modelling skills around the clock on our advanced trainer aircraft. For the past year we have faced the constant question: 'Is it going to be released publicly?'. The short, simple answer is no. More likely, probably not.


Manufacturer: Alenia Aermacchi
First Flight: July 15 2005 (Prototype)
Primary Users: Italy + Israel
Max Speed: Mach 1.2
Service Ceiling: 45,000ft
Developed From: Yakolev-130
Service Intro: September 2015

The main reason being, is the aircraft is not systematically accurate enough for us to be in a position to sell it. 

The M-346 is a beautifully designed aircraft, and fits our widest and most complex formations perfectly. Check out the Facebook page where we constantly update our followers with the development.

Current dev. stage: Virtual Cockpit Modelling