The Team

May 22, 2016

Our pilots and crew are from all over the world, with a variety of backgrounds and experience, we all have one thing in common: a passion for aviation! Therefore, we strive to bind our skills as one in breathtaking displays throughout the year. Find out more about our individual members below.    


1 | Hawk

Flight Lead
Name: Jamie Munn
Occupation: Student
Location: United Kingdom
Experience: 7 years
Team Exp: VBDJT, RSJT (Right Wing + Slot)
First Sim: FSX 

2 | Raptor

Right Wing
Name: Henry Ching
Occupation: Software Developer
Location: UK
Experience: 8 years
Team Exp: Various (Right Wing + Slot)
First Sim: IL-2 Sturmovik

3 | Panda

Left Wing
Name: Ryan Nelson
Occupation: Professional Drone Pilot
Location: South Africa
Experience: 10 Years
Team Exp: N/A
First Sim:Pro-Pilot 1999

4 | Booster

Slot / Lead Solo
Name: Josh Reiman
Occupation: Student
Location: USA
Experience: 4 years
Team Exp: FS Thunderbirds (Slot)
First Sim: FSX



8 | Envy

Lead Engineer
Name: Rolf Klomp
Occupation: Aerospace
Location: Holland
Specialization: Aircraft
Software + Professional

10 | Brit

Name: Courtney Reiman
Occupation: Video
Location: USA
Specialization: Art /
Graphical Design